Friday 25 July 2008


Welcome to a little snippet of the world I create. I wanted to launch a blog in addition to my website (which I have no idea how to work!) so that I can post up work as I've made them so that those of you who might be interested can see's far easier to keep this up to date than the website so I'm planning that this will be where my latest news and works will be posted.

There are some things I make as repeats and some I create as one-offs...I am always very delighted to make work to request so please contact and ask if there is anything you see that you like and fancy owning yourself...or likewise if there isn't on show quite what you would like and would like to ask if maybe I could give making it a try. Also please take a peek at my etsy shop for anything I currently have in stock.

To start things off I'll introduce a few of the things I have made to date...
Thanks for reading!

Firstly my range of Little Iccle Creatures who all come in their own little boxbag and measure approx 13cm high.

Each creature is £35 +p&p and can be made to order in specific colours. Currently available: Kitty, Fox, Bear, Monkey and Rabbit

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