Wednesday 13 May 2009

A tiny little Owl named Ponsenby

I started work on a long awaited present for my dear friend Graeme, who takes wonderful photos of my bird friends for me.
Graeme had asked for an owl and so I set to making a little barn owl last week...who evolved into the cutest little thing that I can't ever bear to part with...Sorry Graeme!
Whilst this owl won't be leaving me...EVER...he is going up on the Etsy shop as an item that can be commissioned...and of course I shall be making a replacement for Graeme.
Get in touch if you feel you might want such a little owl of cuteness for your very own.
I have some beautiful outdoor shots of him to post shortly...taken on an outing to Marble Hill park in Richmond...
...he has been delightfully named Ponsenby (thank you Benedict)


Rosemoo said...

I understand keeping him. He's a cutie!

Kitty Vane said...

I can see why you'd have a hard time letting Ponsenby go, he's absolutely wonderful!

Madame Chacha said...

I do want one, what a beauty ! ;-)

Unknown said...

If i had made him, I wouldnt be able to part with him either! hes gorgeous! I love it.