Thursday 5 April 2012

Bises - Japan, April 2012

My little birds featured on a whole 6 pages of this month's 'Bises', a Japanese magazine about gardening. Very sweet!


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news. Your birds are absolutely precious. We are new bloggers (mother/daughter duo) and really enjoyed your work. Beautiful creations! If you get a chance, we'd love for you to stop by and visit us newbies. We make art prints, sew pillows, clothing, and LOVE fabric.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!
~Sampson and Lorrie

Ella Robinson said...

I'm still in love with all of your little birdies! I had the pleasure of seeing an Indian Kingfisher in the flesh on my recent visit; magic!!

Boho Mixology said...

They are seriously beautiful! i adore your work


superbadfriend said...

YAY, Abigail. Exciting news. Congratulations. :)