Saturday 25 August 2012

Too early to think about Xmas?!

Now I know it's still Summer and no one wants to think about the cold months coming... really... but I wanted to encourage anyone thinking of ordering a little bird for a Christmas present this year, to think about doing it in the next couple of months. I continue to make my work entirely myself and during busy periods this gets increasingly difficult. Unfortunately last year I had to leave some Christmas wishes unfulfilled and I really want to avoid that this time.
My normal making time for orders would be 4-6 weeks, so during a busy time that increases.

If at all possible please think about placing an order in September/October, if it's too early to have saved up I do offer part payments so you can pay in instalments to spread over a few months. Email me for details.

Also available again this year will be my sets of wooden Christmas tree decorations, £20 for 4, £30 for 8. I'll also be introducing gift vouchers this year, they'll be appearing on my website in the next month.

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These are lovely Abi xx