Wednesday 5 June 2013

Open Studios Weekend - come see me!

It's all action at the Holborn studios today as we clear out the rubbish and lay out our wares. I'm finishing up a whole new line of paper maché heads and having a great time doing it!! I've got a tapir, a sloth, a lion, a fennec fox and some strange monkeys as well as the previous range: bear, wolf, fox, hare and deer. Hoping to find time for few new little fabric things too but it's flying by a bit too fast. I'll post up photos of all the new work after the weekend... best get back to it!

Our open runs from Friday 6-9pm, then Saturday through till Sunday, 11am - 6pm. Delicious food, competitions, ceramics workshops and beautiful treats to buy from over 100 makers here at Cockpit Arts.

Really hope we will see you!

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