Friday 28 October 2011

Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition

The wonderful exhibition 'Ghosts of Gone Birds' is now being put up, ready to open on November 2nd. I just finished my piece...the Lesser Akialoa who disappeared from Hawaii in the 40's.
I've grown quite attached to this little fellow and feel so sad that he's no longer to be found.

The idea behind the show is to bring to our attention the crisis facing so many species of bird by bringing to life the ones we have already lost.
The artist, musicians and writers all involved in this great project, have each chosen a bird from a list of extinct species to represent in their medium.

The exhibition will showcase all these works alongside a second section which looks at the birds who are facing a rapid decline... hoping that we can draw enough attention to it and prevent the same from happening to them.

Cery Levy (filmmaker/producer and writer best known for the Gorillaz film Bananaz) and Chris Aldhous are the visionaries behind the whole project and have brought together so many wonderful people; Sir Peter Blake, Jamie Hewlett, Keith Newstead , Ralph Steadman, Margaret Atwood, Rob Ryan, Polly Morgan, Matt Sewell, Le Gun, Jon Burgerman, Oliver Jeffers, Angie Lewin, Claire Brewster, Emily Sutton...on and on...

Here's a little taste of the work on show, but really... you must come and see for yourselves!:

Esther Tyson

Matt Sewell

Pete Fowler

Emily Sutton

Greg Poole

Ben Newman

Le Gun

Margaret Atwood

Rob Ryan

Ralph Steadman

November 2nd - 23rd
Arnold Circus
E2 7ES.

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Margie Oomen said...

what an amazing exhibit
you bird is fantastic
and i didn't think i could love margaret attwood more but her needlepoint is wonderful