Thursday 31 July 2008

FOR SALE: Little Orange Bird

One little bird to hit the etsy shop this week...

here he is..
This wee fellow is now sold...

Tuesday 29 July 2008

The Talented Mr McAulay...

My wonderful photographer friend, Graeme McAulay of Rainyday Pictures...
...took these photos of one little flock of birds for me...makes them feel more like real little beings somehow!

'In blossom' canvas commission

Some photos of a commission I just finished...
two little birds in a blossom tree...

Monday 28 July 2008

Wedding birds

Here are 2 little birds I just finished for a wedding bird commission...commissioned to closely resemble the bride and groom's attire on their wedding day.

And here are a pair I made for some dear, dear friends as their wedding present last month...
The birds were made in the colours of the day...soft pinks, turquoises and creams...
Looking very content amongst the cakes!!

Friday 25 July 2008

Creature masks

I made this range of paper masks a while back after I needed one for a masked ball.. I went as a fox in a silver dress!
The masks are a standard size and will fit both children and adults...they're great fun and very pretty! Each mask comes with the ribbon ties and instructions, but it's all very simple so hardly necessary.
Each mask is £4. Available in: Fox, Bear, Kitty, Rabbit and Monkey. A set of all 5 for £15.
Perfect little project to keep your little tinkers busy this summer...well for a short part of one day this summer!

Made 08

This year I will be taking part in 'Made 08', Brighton's Design and Craft Fair, running from 21st November till 23rd.
I'll hopefully have a mix of new and old work on display, both the fabric pieces and the range of paper goods I also make...It should be a great event...perfect place to come and buy all your Christmas presents and enjoy the beauty of Brighton. Hooray!!...Fish and Chips!!

Please see the website for general information:

Hanging Bird Workshop

The ever so lovely Priscilla and Ian Jones, at The Edge gallery in Lancaster, have asked me to run a workshop there this Autumn.

The workshop is a one day event on Saturday 11th October and in it I will demonstrate how I make one of my little hanging birds and provide you(if you come!) with the materials to make one of your very own.

It will be priced at £40 I believe, but you can contact me or the gallery for more detailed information...come along!! I think it will be fun...


So...what about the birds...

Well a wee while back a lovely little friend asked would I make her a bird for a bird cage she had been bought. Making the bird was a really fun little project and there was something really delightful about him so I set about turning a whole bunch of drawings I had done of birds into little beings..
The first batch was exhibited at 'Castor and Pollux' in Brighton last year...and it kind of spiralled from there.
It seems there are a great many people who love birds as much as I do and I've had the great pleasure of making them for weddings, as mobiles for nurseries and for one lady who wanted a whole little flock of them to decorate her guest room.
The birds on canvas have been featured in the British edition of 'Elle Decoration' 2007,

and the birds themselves in 'Selvedge' 2008.

They have been exhibited at some lovely little craft galleries across the country, currently showing at 'Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery', Bristol, 'The Edge Gallery', Lancaster and 'Pelham House Gallery' in Cowes, Isle of Wright.
Later this year they will be at 'The Craft Centre and Design Gallery', Leeds and 'Gallerie Handwerk', Munchen, Germany.
I'm really delighted at how many people have said such lovely things about the makes all the hard work very worth while!

Prices for the birds start around £59...sizing and prices vary...please just ask if you are interested...

Matchbox Tweeters

I had started collecting vintage matchboxes a while back...I've always loved little hidey holes for things and love anything these were to be the perfect home for a range of teeny tiny birds...Matchbox Tweeters!

Each Tweeter is a tiny little fabric body, decorated with applique and hand stitch, and hidden away in his own little nesting box, also decorated with applique and stitch.

Each matchbox is £22 +p&p. Whilst it's possible to place an order for these and request specific colours, I have a limited array of these matchboxes so it's not possible to specify what the box will be like.

Matchbox Tweeters were featured in issue 23 of 'Selvedge', 2008.

Wall Art

Welcome to a little selection of wall art pieces I have made in the past. These really look so so cute on the walls of childrens rooms and nurseries...but I've tended to find that adults enjoy them for their very own just as much!

The creature on each is a 3D piece, sewn onto the canvas so it stands off slightly...all other detailing is in appliqued fabrics and hand stitch.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Usually made to order so it's possible to select a scene, a creature and pick the colours you want it in so it works with your room decoration.

Prices start at £50 for a small, one creature canvas.
Please just ask if you are interested to know more...


Welcome to a little snippet of the world I create. I wanted to launch a blog in addition to my website (which I have no idea how to work!) so that I can post up work as I've made them so that those of you who might be interested can see's far easier to keep this up to date than the website so I'm planning that this will be where my latest news and works will be posted.

There are some things I make as repeats and some I create as one-offs...I am always very delighted to make work to request so please contact and ask if there is anything you see that you like and fancy owning yourself...or likewise if there isn't on show quite what you would like and would like to ask if maybe I could give making it a try. Also please take a peek at my etsy shop for anything I currently have in stock.

To start things off I'll introduce a few of the things I have made to date...
Thanks for reading!

Firstly my range of Little Iccle Creatures who all come in their own little boxbag and measure approx 13cm high.

Each creature is £35 +p&p and can be made to order in specific colours. Currently available: Kitty, Fox, Bear, Monkey and Rabbit