Wednesday 21 January 2009

Valentines Tweeters

I found the most beautiful little selection of vintage matchboxes a wee while back and have been saving them for something special...
Here are the first peeks at a very limited range of 10 bird brooches in these little rose illustrated matchboxes...please get in touch if you would like to order one...there are 6 left!
Priced at £22 each

'Loving You'

Some new pieces were packaged up and sent out to 'The Craft Centre and Design Gallery' in Leeds this week...
this little assortment featured some much asked after bird houses, a new take on something I worked on a couple of years back...just 2 so far, pink and yellow houses. Prices for these with bird start at £200.
The featured work also includes these little fellows below...please email any enquiries.
'Loving You' is on from 24th January until the end of March.

Thursday 8 January 2009


After an age of wanting to do it...I have finally updated and relaunched my website!

It's been such a long time in coming and is finally a setup that my computer illiteracy can overcome.

It's not all totally sorted and fully stocked, but it's a better representation of the work I am making now and finally showcases some of the illustration work I do as a freelancer.
I hope it goes down well and brings in some exciting new projects for the year...I'm certainly a lot happier with it.
Come on over for a looksee: