Thursday 15 July 2010

Swanning about...

I've just finished up the last stitches on this fine fellow... introducing... Mr Swan!
He looks a little on the plump side so he obviously likes a good feed! He's taken me a fair old while to create. His body involved a third section which created his large tummy, and added considerably to the stuffing time. Very sore little fingers now!

I'm feeling really pleased with him. It's quite an accomplishment as my pieces grow as I'm really only comfortable in the realm of small things! But it's really quite something to work larger, this little guy has such presence...hmmm...what next?!
Mr Swan will be heading off to Birmingham next week to be part of the 'Once Upon a Time' exhibition at the RBSA gallery.

He measures 28cm in height and is priced at £380.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

YOU magazine

Two of my species of birds were featured in YOU magazine last week, following an article on Nathalie Lete's beautiful home. I am a huge fan of her work so I'm delighted to be shown alongside her.