Monday 25 November 2013

Liberty's Cracking Christmas Windows

How exciting!! 3 of my fabric birds found their way into Liberty's wonderful Christmas windows! The windows feature my Flamingo, Sun Parakeet and Peach Faced Lovebird bursting out of sparkly Christmas crackers... they look beautiful, I'm so delighted!

Monday 18 November 2013

Paper Animal Sculptures

I've worked some long hours the past week getting this bunch of odd animals together to ship off to Germany for the 'Artistic Toys' exhibition at Galerie Handwerk in M√ľnchen. I take part in the show each Christmas and keep wishing I could go but sadly it's my busiest time and I just can't get away... but if you can I recommend it! There's such wonderful work there each year.

 I managed 6 species from my long list of unusual animals: Dik Dik, Tamandua, Jerboa, Numbat, Quoll and Elephant Shrew. I added to the Paper Animal Heads with a Bespectacled Bear and a Bongo.

You'll be able to find all these pieces shortly in my shop, as with all my work I will make them to order, as these first pieces have just left the studio.