Monday 25 November 2013

Liberty's Cracking Christmas Windows

How exciting!! 3 of my fabric birds found their way into Liberty's wonderful Christmas windows! The windows feature my Flamingo, Sun Parakeet and Peach Faced Lovebird bursting out of sparkly Christmas crackers... they look beautiful, I'm so delighted!

Monday 18 November 2013

Paper Animal Sculptures

I've worked some long hours the past week getting this bunch of odd animals together to ship off to Germany for the 'Artistic Toys' exhibition at Galerie Handwerk in München. I take part in the show each Christmas and keep wishing I could go but sadly it's my busiest time and I just can't get away... but if you can I recommend it! There's such wonderful work there each year.

 I managed 6 species from my long list of unusual animals: Dik Dik, Tamandua, Jerboa, Numbat, Quoll and Elephant Shrew. I added to the Paper Animal Heads with a Bespectacled Bear and a Bongo.

You'll be able to find all these pieces shortly in my shop, as with all my work I will make them to order, as these first pieces have just left the studio.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Cody Foster - Design Theft

Cody Foster & Co are a big Christmas decoration manufacturing company based in the US who make their money out of the theft of other people's ideas. They take the designs of hard working, honest craftspeople, designers and illustrators and have them mass produced to a ridiculous degree in China, then selling them on as their own designs.
There is no mention of the artist the design has come from, no request to purchase the design, no commissioning of designs for a fee, no royalties offered, just theft, unknown to the makers/creators until someone who is able to access their closed site or be on their registered mailing list to receive a catalogue, recognises the work of the original artist and makes it known to them.

Yesterday I discovered this had happened to me. The design stolen from me was an owl decoration I made in 2010, laser cut from wood to my own illustration. They might have purchased a decoration from me through my Etsy shop or Big Cartel, but never contacted me to ask to buy the design to reproduce it. It is absolutely shameful theft.

My owl to the left, their glittery number to the right, much the same?!?!

This years Cody Foster catalogue also features the work of talented designers/makers: Lisa Congdon, Mimi Kirchner and Cassandra Smith... there may be others (artist's original to the right, Cody Foster to the left):

The kind lady who recognised my work has compiled these Flickr pages, showing the original works of various artists and the rip offs manufactured by Cody Foster over several years, unbeknownst to them:

Cody Foster have a private website so no designs can be seen. Their Twitter page is private so no tweets can be linked to them and seen on their feed, and they are not answering emails.

People such as myself work hard at our craft, we put our life and soul into what we produce and we do it with honesty and integrity. Of course we are all inspired by what is around us and we can arrive at similar conclusions to others, but Cody Foster have undeniably stolen these designs from these people and shouldn't be allowed to continue making money from it.

For now all I can do is to raise awareness of their game and ask for support in sharing the story and possibly emailing them at: to voice your own anger at how they operate.
I'll keep you posted on any progress. Thank you x

Cody Foster & Co
PO Box 247
Valentine, NE 69201
402 376 3369 - Tel
402 376 2835 - Fax

Friday 11 October 2013

Little Gatherer

Lovely blog Little Gatherer wrote to me to ask about featuring my work. They sent some lovely questions and I'm delighted to see the post up there today. Thank you!! It looks beautiful.

Wednesday 25 September 2013


How have I never made a Duck?!?! Well I have now, this is my very first one, the Ringed Teal.
He'll be the first of many I can assure you! Whilst the large size means my patience is really tested, they're beautiful birds and I've got a growing list of ones I want to make so I expect you'll be seeing more pretty soon.

Find him here!


The current issue of Homemaker Magazine features an article on my work...

You'll find a higher res version on my Facebook page

Thursday 5 September 2013

Little Bird Making Workshop

I've been asked for another Little Bird workshop before Christmas and am trying to see if I can make it work. It would be Saturday November 2nd, one full day, 11am - 5pm.

I run them from my studio in central London and here's a little course outline:

Make a Little Bird

From my London studio I will show you how to make your own little bird using a selection of colourful fabrics and Liberty prints.

I'm not wonderfully skilled at talking to great numbers of people so they will each be a limited number of 5-6 people making for a cosy, intimate afternoon amongst the stacks of fabric boxes and nestling creatures that inhabit my studio.

All materials are supplied to make one little bird for you to take away with you.
Tea & biscuits provided (and I like biscuits so expect good ones!!) but bring your own lunch.

£125 per person, 6 people per workshop.

100% deposit required at registration. Refunds on cancellations can only be offered if enough warning has been given and a replacement found.

Tuesday 20 August 2013


After a very nice break in the sunshine of southern France I felt like sharing, so here's a little giveaway for you to win a walnut and gold leaf bird brooch, I designed and made.

To enter please go to my Facebook page and leave a message with your favourite bird by Friday 23rd August, winner drawn at random after 4pm.

Monday 22 July 2013

Birds Arrive at Liberty - London

Delighted to say my birds can now be found in the Gift Room at Liberty. The collection comprises of: Blue Tit, Robin, Goldfinch, Ponsenby Owl, Flamingo, Sun Parakeet and Peach faced Love Bird. It's such an honour to have them in such a beautiful store, I'm so pleased with how they look under the domes.

Friday 28 June 2013

Birds & Butterflies - Brooch Making Workshop

The very last workshop of the season will take place on Saturday July 6th. This one is a half day workshop making Fabric Butterfly Brooches and tiny Matchbox Tweeters (miniature birds in matchboxes).

Birds & Butterflies - Brooch Making Workshop
Saturday July 6th

A 4 hour/half-day workshop in my London studio creating your own beautiful fabric butterfly brooches and matchbox birds, using a selection of pretty pastel fabrics and liberty prints. Make a Butterfly to wear or a little group to frame, or a little tiny bird brooch hidden away in his matchbox home. You are welcome to make as many as your hands can manage!

All materials provided, although you are encouraged to bring your own scraps if you'd like to make it in your own colour theme.

£50 per person, 6 maximum per workshop.
11am - 3pm

To book email:, thank you!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Open Studios Weekend - come see me!

It's all action at the Holborn studios today as we clear out the rubbish and lay out our wares. I'm finishing up a whole new line of paper maché heads and having a great time doing it!! I've got a tapir, a sloth, a lion, a fennec fox and some strange monkeys as well as the previous range: bear, wolf, fox, hare and deer. Hoping to find time for few new little fabric things too but it's flying by a bit too fast. I'll post up photos of all the new work after the weekend... best get back to it!

Our open runs from Friday 6-9pm, then Saturday through till Sunday, 11am - 6pm. Delicious food, competitions, ceramics workshops and beautiful treats to buy from over 100 makers here at Cockpit Arts.

Really hope we will see you!

Tuesday 21 May 2013


I'm holding an auction of one of my little Blue Tits. He's my top seller and I'm hoping he will raise an excellent amount of money to donate to Afruca in support of their work against child abuse, specifically that of witchcraft branding. 

Last night I watched a harrowing documentary on BBC three, Branded A Witch. I was so shocked and devastated by the religious practices in the DRC that I felt compelled to do something.
Please watch the documentary if you can: 

Children as young as 3 are suspected of witchcraft for displaying the normal behaviour of children: bed wetting, nightmares, tantrums and general bad behaviour. They are blamed for the misfortunes of their family (lack of money, things breaking, family members becoming ill) and are taken to churches who are paid to exorcise their evil spirits.
The churches make money from abusing these innocent children: setting them on fire, cutting them, whipping and beating them, forcing them to drink hot palm oil, giving them palm oil enemas, starving them and in some cases sexually assaulting them. If the children aren't taken to the church for these procedures they may be cast out onto the streets to fend for themselves. Either way it's horrific and it shouldn't be allowed to continue.

My childhood was full of happiness and innocence and my work as an artist is a result of that. I am auctioning my best seller, the beloved Blue Tit, to raise money for the charity Afruca who work to promote the rights and welfare of children in Africa and UK, upholding the belief that religion and culture should never be an excuse to abuse children. Please help me support their good work.
I ask a minimum donation of £2 to enter the auction to have a chance to win the Blue Tit and to help my chosen cause, but please consider donating more. A Blue Tit retails at £195 so you're getting a wonderful deal if you win!

I will draw a winner at random on Monday 10th June 11am UK time, announcing on my blog:

...and facebook page: 

Many thanks,
Abbie x

Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Workshop Dates

Hooray!! I know quite a few people out there were left a little sad they couldn't make the last dates so I'm giving a few more workshops over the coming months... although sadly still only in London UK, so apologies to those of you who still won't be able to make it.

Spring Bird Making Workshop

Saturday June 22nd
Sunday June 23rd

A full day workshop in my London studio creating your own little fabric bird using a selection of beautiful Spring pastel fabrics and Liberty prints. All materials are provided, although you are encouraged to bring your own scraps of favourite fabrics if you'd like to make it to your own colour theme. 

£125 per person, 6 maximum per workshop.
11am - 5pm

And additionally I will be offering a Butterfly Brooch making class for those of you who showed interest in attending another one:

Butterfly Brooch Making Workshop
Saturday July 6th
Sunday July 7th

A 4 hour/half-day workshop in my London studio creating your own beautiful fabric butterfly brooch using a selection of pretty pastel fabrics and liberty prints. All materials provided, although you are encouraged to bring your own scraps if you'd like to make it in your own colour theme.

£50 per person, 6 maximum per workshop.
11am - 3pm

To book email:, stating which workshop you'll like to take part in and on which day. Thank you!

100% deposit required at registrationn. Refunds only available if enough warning has been given and a replacement found.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Spring Bird Workshop

First weekend of workshops over and a huge success! Saturday was fully booked with 6 bird makers all cosily packed into my little studio. We had a great day and whilst some of the stages proved a little frustrating, everyone finished happy with a delightful little bird to take home. We had a complete mix of abilities from art teachers, to florists, artists, craft makers and a couple with no artist background at all... so it was wonderful to see how differently they responded to the workshop and how each of the birds came out.

Sunday we had a littler group of 3 which gave us all a bit more space and the results were all entirely different! Fantails, frilly wings, neon legs! I was so happy that everyone had such a good time and left so pleased with themselves and their finished piece.

Thank you to those of you who came, it was a pleasure to teach you!!

So one more weekend to go, fully booked on the Saturday again but a couple of spaces free for the Sunday, April 7th.
Email me for a space:

Friday 22 March 2013

Selvedge Spring Fair

It was a bit of a last minute Monday decision but you'll find my work for sale at the Selvedge Spring Fair running today and tomorrow. There's a limited selection as sadly the new collection has been delayed in transit. But as a consolation I'm offering 10% off pretty much everything there so run along and snap up what you can!

There's some lovely makers there again this time and of course the usual Selvedge Drygoods treats! Should be a lovely fair if you can make it.

Chelsea Old Town Hall

Friday 22nd March, 11am - 5pm, evening preview 6-9pm
Saturday 23rd March, 10am - 4pm.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Anthropologie - Selvedge Pop-Up

I was at the King's Road Anthropologie on Tuesday to run a little drop in workshop making my Matchbox Tweeters. Selvedge magazine had set up in The Gallery for a month, taking a different artist each week to fill the window and run a workshop in the main store. I was delighted to be chosen to be one of the 4 and it was a very fun, very cosy, rather frantic few hours teaching the steps to make a tiny hatchling. We were overwhelmed with interest and tried very hard to cram everyone in so they could take part even if it meant sewing standing up! It looked like they all had fun.. I hope so!

The girls at Selvedge had created a beautiful window display of my current collection and a giant version of the magazine open on my pages from a few years back. I felt so proud seeing them there, I'm such a huge fan of the shop and spent a good while scouring the shop, feasting off every tiny creatively filled corner. There's a few photos to share with you or both the Selvedge Pop-Up, the workshop and the store itself... enjoy!!