Wednesday 30 September 2009

New Babies...

Just finishing up a stationery commission...announcement cards for the arrival of 2 little babies to a lovely french couple, Anne-laure and Edward Bates!
The twins were born a year ago but better late than never!

For similar commissions please email:

Sunday 20 September 2009


Just a little note to announce the arrival of 3 more birds into my shops...

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Craft fair- Saturday September 19th

I'm busy busy busy this week making a variety of new little treats for a craft fair in Clapham, London this weekend. The fair will take place on Saturday at the Papered Parlour...which looks set to be a very cute little venue.
So as part of my busy week I've set about making these little cuties...who have been flitting about in my head for some time now. I am delighted with how they have turned out and have already found my first stockist! They are priced at £32 for the larger size (9x7cm approx) and £26 for the smaller (6x5cm approx). I'll be adding a couple to my online shops but please do contact me by email if you are interested in one to brighten up your coat now autumn seems to be setting in.

Monday 7 September 2009

Small Birds...Big Apple

I was delighted to see my little birds have made themselves a home in the window of the exquisite Takashimaya department store on Fifth Avenue, New York!! I think they look pretty happy amongst the asparagus spears!