Tuesday 21 May 2013


I'm holding an auction of one of my little Blue Tits. He's my top seller and I'm hoping he will raise an excellent amount of money to donate to Afruca in support of their work against child abuse, specifically that of witchcraft branding. 

Last night I watched a harrowing documentary on BBC three, Branded A Witch. I was so shocked and devastated by the religious practices in the DRC that I felt compelled to do something.
Please watch the documentary if you can: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01swd7g/Branded_a_Witch/ 

Children as young as 3 are suspected of witchcraft for displaying the normal behaviour of children: bed wetting, nightmares, tantrums and general bad behaviour. They are blamed for the misfortunes of their family (lack of money, things breaking, family members becoming ill) and are taken to churches who are paid to exorcise their evil spirits.
The churches make money from abusing these innocent children: setting them on fire, cutting them, whipping and beating them, forcing them to drink hot palm oil, giving them palm oil enemas, starving them and in some cases sexually assaulting them. If the children aren't taken to the church for these procedures they may be cast out onto the streets to fend for themselves. Either way it's horrific and it shouldn't be allowed to continue.

My childhood was full of happiness and innocence and my work as an artist is a result of that. I am auctioning my best seller, the beloved Blue Tit, to raise money for the charity Afruca who work to promote the rights and welfare of children in Africa and UK, upholding the belief that religion and culture should never be an excuse to abuse children. Please help me support their good work.
I ask a minimum donation of £2 to enter the auction to have a chance to win the Blue Tit and to help my chosen cause, but please consider donating more. A Blue Tit retails at £195 so you're getting a wonderful deal if you win!

I will draw a winner at random on Monday 10th June 11am UK time, announcing on my blog: http://abigailbrownscreatures.blogspot.co.uk/

...and facebook page: 

Many thanks,
Abbie x

Tuesday 7 May 2013

New Workshop Dates

Hooray!! I know quite a few people out there were left a little sad they couldn't make the last dates so I'm giving a few more workshops over the coming months... although sadly still only in London UK, so apologies to those of you who still won't be able to make it.

Spring Bird Making Workshop

Saturday June 22nd
Sunday June 23rd

A full day workshop in my London studio creating your own little fabric bird using a selection of beautiful Spring pastel fabrics and Liberty prints. All materials are provided, although you are encouraged to bring your own scraps of favourite fabrics if you'd like to make it to your own colour theme. 

£125 per person, 6 maximum per workshop.
11am - 5pm

And additionally I will be offering a Butterfly Brooch making class for those of you who showed interest in attending another one:

Butterfly Brooch Making Workshop
Saturday July 6th
Sunday July 7th

A 4 hour/half-day workshop in my London studio creating your own beautiful fabric butterfly brooch using a selection of pretty pastel fabrics and liberty prints. All materials provided, although you are encouraged to bring your own scraps if you'd like to make it in your own colour theme.

£50 per person, 6 maximum per workshop.
11am - 3pm

To book email: abigail@abigail-brown.co.uk, stating which workshop you'll like to take part in and on which day. Thank you!

100% deposit required at registrationn. Refunds only available if enough warning has been given and a replacement found.