Tuesday 24 November 2009

Flamboyant Birds

Two new pieces I struggled to part with! This pink flamingo and white/blue peacock are now in Germany on show at Galerie Handwerk in their 'Artistic Toys' exhibition.

Remake it

Just received my copy of a book I contributed to earlier this year... Remake it, by Henrietta Thompson, published by Thames and Hudson. This book is the bible on 'appropriation' and a must in our current climate for the design conscious on your Christmas shopping list.

Thursday 19 November 2009

Papier Mache

Delighted to discover these beautiful pictures in the wonderful online magazine Papier Mache
today...absolutely gorgeous and an idea I may very well pinch for my own birds nest hair!

Wednesday 11 November 2009

New work

It's been, and continues to be, the busiest time my working life has ever seen! I'm a little more than frazzled and my memory keeps on getting worse and worse with all the things I'm juggling but it's wonderful to be here and to keep finding people who want to know about my work and to own some of their very own...THANK YOU!!
I didn't know how this would all pan out last May when I quit my job so I am absolutely thrilled it's still going.

I've found snippets of time amongst it all to develop some new work and create some pieces I am really very excited about. It's difficult making things to sell...it all gets a little sad when you create something you really love and then send it off into the world to find a new home.
Sitting next to me now are two such pieces that I'll post up as soon as I get them photographed...
...but for now here's a peek at some new pieces I'll be further developing into a little collection that will be on show at my Open Studios at the end of December...
...I hope you like them...

Emma Cassi

It's a hush hush project I can't say very much about but I wanted to get a little bit of excitement going by teasing you with a snippet of info!
I had the delight of meeting the wonderful Emma Cassi...crafter of beautiful lace jewellery and talented stylist...at my home this month.
All I can say is that next year there'll be a beautiful book to present to you all which will feature my work in my somewhat bizarrely decorated, rented bedroom in London...sadly it comes before I have my own place to adorn fully the way I would choose...but perhaps I'll get another opportunity then...
...for now this was a wonderful honour and I'm so grateful to Emma for including me...
...stay tuned!

Birds of Europe

I've previously posted my newest works...studies of species of bird...including Mr Kingfisher, Robin redbreast and the Grey wagtail...
this past month I've been further crafting and these delights are now, I proudly announce, on sale at the beautiful Liberty store in London.
There you'll see a swallow, a blue tit, a greenfinch and a chaffinch, a gold crest, another little robin and a grey wagtail. I'm so delighted that they've found themselves a home there...but I do hope they all fly out to even better homes very soon!

Cockpit Arts Open Studios

I personally find it so much more interesting to meet the artists and makers behind the work and to buy directly from them...
...if you find so too then you'll be delighted to know that you have this very opportunity coming up!
My studio is in London at Cockpit Arts , Holborn, and we open up to the public so you can come meet us, snoop round our workspaces and hopefully find beautiful little delights to take home with you...on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November.

It's such a fun weekend full of so many wonderful things to feast your eyes upon and the chance to pick up some truly original works of art for Christmas.
We also have a competition to win a Christmas tree decorated with one off decorations crafted by the makers of Cockpit and kids colouring and making activities run by ME!...

...so please do come and visit beacause it's also so much more wonderful for us to meet the people who buy our work!