Tuesday 2 April 2013

Spring Bird Workshop

First weekend of workshops over and a huge success! Saturday was fully booked with 6 bird makers all cosily packed into my little studio. We had a great day and whilst some of the stages proved a little frustrating, everyone finished happy with a delightful little bird to take home. We had a complete mix of abilities from art teachers, to florists, artists, craft makers and a couple with no artist background at all... so it was wonderful to see how differently they responded to the workshop and how each of the birds came out.

Sunday we had a littler group of 3 which gave us all a bit more space and the results were all entirely different! Fantails, frilly wings, neon legs! I was so happy that everyone had such a good time and left so pleased with themselves and their finished piece.

Thank you to those of you who came, it was a pleasure to teach you!!

So one more weekend to go, fully booked on the Saturday again but a couple of spaces free for the Sunday, April 7th.
Email me for a space: abigail@abigail-brown.co.uk