Tuesday 30 December 2008


I had a lovely commission this month to make a little puffin...obviously with a specified species this had to look as closely like a puffin as possible...
...I think it manages it!
It's the first of a new series of work I'm starting which looks at specific bird species...any bird fanatics stay tuned!! Im becoming a little bird geek learning all about the different kinds of birds, I think it's going to keep me in my Bird phase for some time!


Kitty Vane said...

Ooh! I'm a bird nerd too, and I'm really looking forward to your new birds. :)
Any pigeons in the plans, by the way?

Abigail Brown said...

Hooray for Bird Nerds!!:D
Yes there might well be some little pigeotos in the offing...I did make one slightly pigeony bird a while back...I'll have to send a peek.
Thanks Kitty

Fiona said...

He is gorgeous!

Madame Chacha said...

This one maybe my favorite ! So much cuteness is almost unbearable ;-)