Monday 4 October 2010

Natural Beauty

Through some blog, at some time...I completely forget when and where...I discovered the blog 'resurrectionfern'. It is the daily diary of Margaret Oomen, a talented maker from Canada, whose interests and explorations in nature are captured and documented for us all to share in.
I'm swept away into the forests of Canada every time I find my way to her blog, tiptoeing past nesting swans, breathing in the moss and decaying leaves, the fresh forest air and the many flowers and plants she sweeps gently past. Her eyes find the most exquisite examples of natural beauty, from tiny mushrooms to dew dropped spider webs, often added to to form compositions for her photographs, or simply captured as they are, in all their glory.
I don't feel I've ever seen Nature the way Margie sees it, I feel as though they are things I am seeing for the first time. Her pictures excite me, they fill me with that wonder of childhood, the introduction to things you know almost nothing about. They make me so very envious of where she lives and the journeys she makes into that land each day...but I am sure if I set out each day, exploring my surroundings the way Margie does I'd find those same things that currently go by unnoticed.

Margie asked me to make her a little Blue tit a few months back and in exchange I asked her if she could make me one of her beautiful crochet covered stones.
It's taken me such a long time to post it up for you to see, but I didn't want to just throw it up here without taking time to explain how wonderful her blog is. If you feel trapped in the city, severed from nature, take a trip to resurrection fern and get yourself a little dose, it will force you to find time for explorations of your own! and if you would like a beautiful crochet covered stone for your very is Margie's shop


Murgatroyd said...

Thank you for the introduction to such a beautiful blog & an interesting maker. You can smell the damp leaves just looking at those photos!

Margie Oomen said...

funny thing is the absolutely gorgeous little blue tit arrived in the mail just yesterday:)
thanks so much abigail

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Margie made once again an outstanding piece of art. Isn't she absolutely amazing ? My life has changed the day I crossed her path on the internet. Can't wait to see the gorgeous blue tit you made for her ! :)

Kara said...

Wow. Just love her work.

Michelle Palmer said...

So very beautiful!
Your blog is a treasure!!

Abigail Brown said...

Thank you Michelle!
and yes...Margie has done it again! She's an incredible lady!