Thursday 14 March 2013

Anthropologie - Selvedge Pop-Up

I was at the King's Road Anthropologie on Tuesday to run a little drop in workshop making my Matchbox Tweeters. Selvedge magazine had set up in The Gallery for a month, taking a different artist each week to fill the window and run a workshop in the main store. I was delighted to be chosen to be one of the 4 and it was a very fun, very cosy, rather frantic few hours teaching the steps to make a tiny hatchling. We were overwhelmed with interest and tried very hard to cram everyone in so they could take part even if it meant sewing standing up! It looked like they all had fun.. I hope so!

The girls at Selvedge had created a beautiful window display of my current collection and a giant version of the magazine open on my pages from a few years back. I felt so proud seeing them there, I'm such a huge fan of the shop and spent a good while scouring the shop, feasting off every tiny creatively filled corner. There's a few photos to share with you or both the Selvedge Pop-Up, the workshop and the store itself... enjoy!!


in her billowing heart said...

what a lovely workshop!

Abigail Brown said...

Thank you! It was a bit manic with so many people in such a small space, but certainly a beautiful place for us to be creating! x